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We can manufacture & supply variety of cut shapes or gasket sheet material in sheets or rolls. A "Soft Gasket" is a term used when referring to a gasket that is easily compressed under a low bolt load. Soft gaskets are used in a wide range of applications from pipe flange, heat exchanger, compressor and bonnet valve gaskets to name just a few. A soft gasket can be selected from a large variety of Rubbers, PTFE, Graphite, and Compressed Asbestos & Non-Asbestos sheet products.

We are pleased to supply Soft Gasket Material & Gaskets made out of following soft gasket materials:

  • PTFE Sheet
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet
  • Rubber of all grades, Cloth Inserted Rubber & Metal Inserted Rubber Gaskets.
  • Ceramic Fiber / Glass Fibre
  • PTFE Envelope Gaskets
  • Vegetable Fiber Sheet
  • Asbestos & Non-Asbestos Sheet

Please use this channel to send us specific enquiries related to the products we deal with.

Since all properties, specifications and application parameters shown throughout this product information are approximate and may be mutually influenced, your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

All technical data and advice given is based on experiences Naveen Gasket Private Limited has made so far. Failure to select proper sealing products can result in damage and/or personal injury. Properties, specifications and application parameters are subject to change without notice. Naveen Gasket Private Limited does not undertake any liability of any kind whatsoever.

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